Clan Moors is the Anglicized name of Clan Muir, an armigerous sect of the larger ancestral Clan Campbell of the Scottish Highlands. The Muir family motto is “Durum Patientia Frango”, or By patience I break what is hard. Some coat-of-arms say “Duris Non Frangor”, or Not disheartened by difficulties.

The Clan Muir crest has the family flag (blue banner with three stars) and sheaves of wheat. They carried the flag during war and farmed during peacetime. Our clan shall do the same!

Clan Muir has an interesting membership rule:

… if a person offers his allegiance to a particular Chief by joining his clan society or by wearing his tartan, he can be deemed to have elected to join that particular clan and should be viewed as a member of that clan.

So we will follow the same rules:  take into membership those who want to join, and by perseverance and patience, we will win.

About the Leader

Moor is a descendant from Clan Campbell and their sect Clan Muir. He runs an engineering services company when not clashing. He generally has an analytical and persevering approach to problem solving and tries to practice the ancient family motto of “Durum Patientia Frango” – overcome challenges with patience and perseverance.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I do not meet the requirements for your clan yet, but I am interested in joining. It seems like a good clan. I’ll keep working and try and join as I can.


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