TH10 Upgrading

I prioritized my TH10 upgrades in opposite order of war ranking, saving the inferno towers for the final addition before the home stretch to TH11. There were long periods of dumping excess Gold and Elixir into walls and getting raided by far stronger enemies for loot. Despite these downsides, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with TH10 using this upgrade path.

Phase I

Early TH10 proved to be very Elixir intensive. The most important upgrades:

  1. Spell Factory to unlock additional spell slot
  2. Barracks to unlock Miners
  3. Dark Barracks to unlock Bowlers
  4. Laboratory to unlock new troop upgrades
  5. Clan Castle to 35 troops
  6. Army Camps for a total of 240 troop space
  7. New Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, and Dark Elixir Drill
  8. New walls and new base layout
  9. New Cannon, Archer Tower, and Xbow
  10. Upgrade Traps

During the early phases of TH10 upgrading, I spent my time in Crystal II using mostly GiGob with focus on Elixir. Naturally, a lot of Gold and Dark Elixir were also farmed.

2-3 Builders – working on priority Elixir upgrades (Laboratory, Spell Factory, Barracks, Dark Barracks, Army Camps)

1 Builder – Hero upgrading. Between Hero upgrades, build and upgrade new Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, and Dark Elixir Drill.

1-2 Builders – Upgrading Traps and Weapons

It’s very tempting to start the Inferno Towers because during this period, you will be raided mercilessly. Stick to the plan. Here are the defensive structure war ranking of upgrading an individual defense to maximum TH10 level as of last known values, in order of war ranking:

400    Air Defense

800    Tesla

1207   Cannon

1222   Archer Tower

1275   Xbow

1720   Bomb Tower

2760   Wizard Tower

3690   Mortar

7900   Inferno Tower

It is apparent that installing an Inferno Tower is equal to adding a lot of new weapons!

I stared by adding the new Cannon and Archer Tower. It took several weeks (and two builders) to advance the new baby defenses to equal the levels of my other weapons. I alternated builders to upgrade Giant Bombs, Air Bombs, and Seeking Air Mines. During this time I was elixir farming to upgrade Barracks and Army Camps, spending extra gold on these defensive upgrades and extra Dark Elixir on Hero upgrades or troop upgrades in the Laboratory. Any extra Gold can go towards getting your new walls to Level 8.

After the new Cannon and Archer Tower were upgraded, I added the new Xbow. It takes about a month to install and upgrade the new Xbow.

About this time, the Barracks and Army Camp elixir upgrades were about finished. At this point, my base was pretty solid:  three new resources Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, and Elixir Drill, all fully upgraded. Three new defenses, Archer Tower, Cannon, and Xbow, upgraded to equal my other defenses. Upgraded Barracks making Miners and Bowlers, Army Camps with 240 spaces, another spell slot (and the Clone Spell), and the Laboratory churning out upgrades. Any my Heros had a few new levels, too. Phase I complete.

Phase I summary:

  • Several Barracks upgraded to Miner
  • Dark Barracks upgraded to Bowler
  • Spell Factory upgraded
  • Army Camps upgraded to 240 troop space
  • Clan Castle upgraded to 35 troops
  • New walls (> Level 8) and new base layout
  • New cannon, upgraded to equal my other Cannons
  • New Archer Tower, upgraded to equal my other Archer Towers
  • New Xbow, upgraded to equal my other Xbows
  • New Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, and Dark Elixir Drill, fully upgraded
  • Some Giant Bombs, Air Bombs, Seeking Air Bombs fully upgraded

Phase II

Starting Phase II, I switched modes and put my attention to upgrading Hidden Teslas, Air Sweepers, and Air Defenses while still spending some Elixir on the last few Barracks upgrades:


  • Upgrade Hidden Teslas to maximum TH10 levels
  • Upgrade Air Defenses to maximum TH10 levels
  • Upgrade Air Sweepers to maximum TH10 levels
  • Continue Laboratory upgrades
  • Continue Hero upgrades
  • Continue upgrading walls

When you finish Phase II, you should have no Elixir upgrades remaining except Laboratory upgrades and walls!

Phase III

Phase three is a lot easier. By now your base is solid. You might be getting badly raided occasionally but get accustomed to it.

  • Upgrade all Cannons and Archer Towers to maximum TH10 levels
  • Upgrade remaining Bombs or Air Bombs to maximum levels
  • Continue Hero upgrades
  • Continue Laboratory upgrades
  • Continue upgrading walls

This Phase will last a few months to get all the Cannons and Archer Towers finished. In the meantime, you’ll have the time for some serious Laboratory upgrades and Hero upgrades. The Laboratory upgrades for TH10 take about 1 year, so expect each one of these phases to last several months.

Phase IV

Your base now looks like a serious contender, just without Inferno Towers. I did not add mine until the end, but you may be considering them now.

  • Upgrade Xbows
  • Upgrade Bomb Towers
  • Upgrade Wizard Towers
  • Upgrade Mortars

Phase V

Now your base is complete. The only thing lacking are the Inferno Towers and remaining Laboratory upgrades. I spent a few months in Phase V, and they were very enjoyable months. I raided often for wall and hero upgrades while patiently waiting for my Laboratory upgrades to slowly tick away.

  • Install and upgrade Inferno Towers
  • Upgrade Heros
  • Upgrade Walls
  • Keep Laboratory running

There you have it! The five phases of TH10. It was my favorite TH of the entire game.

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