I finished this hollow-body Bass during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine. Luckily, the weather warmed up a few times so I could finish the body. Similar to my previous semi-hollow, this fully hollow bass uses Basswood around the perimeter with Maple top and bottom surfaces. The neck is Rosewood.

I soaked the top surface in paint thinner and ignited it with a welding torch. I carefully navigated the flames with thick gloves to control burning around the edges. This resulted in a beautiful charred appearance that was finished with Watco Danish Oil and about a dozen coats of lacquer.

The guitar uses 2 hummbucker pickups at the neck and bridge positions. The pickups are wired though their own volume pots, into a selection switch, then to a final volume and tone control. The selection switch allows for neck, combined, and bridge pickup settings.

This guitar is extremely easy to play. It frets super-easily and has great feedback. The hollow body picks up a lot of extraneous sound, pick scrapes, and sting buzzes, so a little extra care is needed for a clean sound. It is much richer than the semi-hollow bass, deepening the gap with the growl and thump of the Disco Boss.

It still isn’t finished. A graphics designer is working on a logo for the headstock and I have some upgraded tuners to install once the logo is ready.

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