Disco Boss Bass Guitar (2017)

So this isn’t a Clash article but I’m going to make a series of posts about guitar-making. I’m going to start with my Disco Boss Bass that I made circa 2017. I asked my daughter what type of guitar I should start with, and she replied “Disco!”. So here it is, the Disco Boss Bass Guitar.

It uses solid Ash for the body and a recycled neck from a trashed unknown brand guitar. It uses EMG active pickups in P-J formation. The bridge was taken from another recycled guitar of unknown origin.  The knobs are wired for P-J blend (logarithmic), tone control (linear), and output volume (logarithmic).

This guitar is very punchy, great for four-on-the-floor work. The solid Ash body gives a lot of grunt, especially when driving on the P pickup.It is painted matte iridescent gold to be the ultimate Disco Boss.

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