Clan Rules

ClanMoors requires a minimum of TH7 and Level 4 Archers for membership. Leaders and co-leaders can elect to accept lower members based on loyalty and participation. Farming is encouraged, so trophy level is not strictly enforced. Focus is on player development, clan participation, and maturity. Members must have a League Shield to prove active status.

ClanMoors operates as Parliamentary Republic. Co-Leaders and Members are encouraged to voice opinions about war timing, kicks, and rule changes. The Leader has the final say.


  • Treat everyone as your equal. Nobody in the clan deserves more or less respect than yourself. You will be kicked if you are disrespectful or think you deserve more.
  • Chat! Part of the fun is knowing your clan members. We consist of all ages, spanning around the globe’s time zones.
  • Keep it light. Don’t insult or harass members. Sometimes humor – especially a dry wit – doesn’t always communicate over chat. If other members don’t get the joke, back off, apologize, and carry on. If things get heated, log off and take a break.
  • Agree to disagree. We have a diversity of religion, politics, and nationalities. Expect your colleagues to have different perspectives and opinions.
  • No drama! We encourage a mature dialog. Members are expected to back off from hot topics instead of escalating. Encourage and respect each other.
  • Watch the cussing. An expletive here and there is useful to emphasize a point, but don’t make it a regular thing.
  • Participate in wars. Clan wars are team sports. Not participating hurts the clan. Participating is being part of the team and contributing to everyone’s success (and War Loot)!
  • Read the Clan email. The clan email often contains important updates.
  • Listen to the Co-Leaders! Use the clan leadership to resolve differences without drama.


Troop Donations (Peacetime)

  • Try to use a lot of troops for raids and defense. Give opportunity for everyone to donate!
  • Ask for reasonable troops that everyone has: Giants, Archers, Barbarians, Wizards, Healers, Balloons, Minions.
  • Don’t ask for specific troops, like “lv.5 Wizards”. Just ask for “Wizards”. Give everyone a chance to donate.
  • You can ask for expensive Dark Troops (i.e. Hog Riders) a few times, just for experience. If you ask too many times, people will not respect you.
  • Most people have Dragons. Don’t be shy to ask! We like to donate Dragons.
  • FILL REQUESTS ACCURATLY. If someone asks for a Dragon, don’t give archers! If the person gets tired of waiting, they may change their request to something else.
  • High-level members and COs should donate more, to help the lower level players get stronger.


Troop Donations (War)

  • DO NOT put troops into War Clan Castles unless coordinated by a co-leader. War Castle donated troops don’t count toward your donation numbers on the clan member page. Don’t try to boost your donations numbers by loading people’s castles with crap!
  • War Castle troops are only provided by the clan’s highest-level players to maximize chances!
  • For war attacks, request specific troops (i.e. “Dragon” or “Level 5 Giant”). Start your request with the words “War Troops” so everyone will know. Request the troops that fit your attack strategy.
  • Fill “War Troop” requests accurately. If you don’t have the exact or higher troop being requested, don’t donate.


War Rules

War starts the end of every week on Thursday or Friday. Read the WAR RULES tab!

  • Use both attacks! You may be kicked if both attacks are not used (see “housecleaning” below).
  • If you have Dragons, use an all-Dragon attack. A co-leader will ask if you attack with weaker troops when you have Dragons.
  • Fix your WAR BASE. You may be kicked if your TH is outside of your walls.
  • Go in with a full army. You may be kicked if you attack with a partial army.
  • Use your spells. Spells can determine the outcome of your attack.
  • Start from the bottom. Let our lowest level members attack first. This gives them the best chance to pick the best bases.
  • Work upwards through the enemy bases, leaving the toughest bases for our strongest players to attack last.
  • Our top members attack last. Our strongest players go last to cleanup leftover bases and unclaimed stars.



Housecleaning will be performed the Thursday after a new Trophy Season starts. You will be broomed if:

  • Your Trophy League Shield is blank. This means you are not active. If you plan to be inactive, please tell a co-leader in advance if possible.
  • You didn’t use both attacks in the previous wars.
  • Your war performance was poor. Examples are leaving the TH outside the walls, or attacking with less than a full army.
  • Your participation is weak – including chat, war, and donations.

You will be autokicked if you swear at the leader or co-leader. You will be autokicked if you are bigoted, racist, or harassing against any of our members. We encourage a healthy and mature environment where players respect our global membership across continent, country, age, religion, race, and language. Period.


Elder Status

Elder is earned by donations and participation. Elder status may be removed each season and can be re-earned the following season. Elder rank can be removed at any time if a superior rank has a reason. Elders are not allowed to kick members unless permitted by a superior rank.

The requirements for Elder are:

  • Active trophy badge
  • 100+ donations
  • Use both attacks in war


Co-Leader Status

We have a strong staff of mature and understanding leaders. Only upon exceptional circumstances will co-leader status change. DO NOT ASK FOR CO-LEADER. This is really irritating and you may be kicked.

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