War Rules

Major changes to War Rules. Please OPT-OUT between wars and manually OPT-IN before the next. This ensures a more consistent participation.

  1. OPT-IN if you want to war.
  2. Attack the highest you are confident of three-starring. Example: if you cannot three-star your equal, go lower until you are confident.
  3. Evaluate your target.
  4. Always attack with maximum number of troops, spells, and clan castle.
  5. Select your army carefully. Focus on tank troops (Giants, Golems, Lava Hounds) and damage troops (Dragon, Wizards, PEKKA, Balloons).
  6. After war starts OPT-OUT again (this won’t remove you from the current war).

Some things to look for:

  • Possible layout of bombs (if wanting to use Hogs)
  • Wall intersections that connect compartments (use Earthquake spells instead of Wall Breakers)
  • Layout of Air Defenses (use LavaLoon)
  • Poor Air Defenses (zap one with Lightning Spell then use all-Dragons)
  • Hybrid attacks that use kill squad to eliminate enemy Archer Queen and War Castle troops before starting main attack.

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