December 2015 Update: Game Changes

The December 2015 overhaul has several tactical changes along with Town Hall 11 and Shield/Village Guard.

Larger Map (44 x 44) and Time (3:30)

The map is being increased from [40 x 40] tiles to [44 x 44]. This is to accommodate the additional buildings for TH11. However, everyone will be getting the larger map.

Since many war attacks come down to the last second – especially with builder huts in corners – Supercell is adding 30 seconds onto the attack timer for a total of 3m 30s. This gives the attacking troops more time to traverse the larger playing field.

Spell Donations and New Menu

Level 4 Clan Castles now have one space for a donated spell (this limits the donation to a DE spell).

The donation menu now shows the contents of the recipient’s castle so you can select your donations more carefully.

TH9 gets Freeze Spell

Just what it says. This officially makes TH10 the lamest level. They will get freeze-spelled from below (TH9) and Wizard Heroed from above (TH11). The only advantage a TH10 has is 240 troop Army Camps (offense) and Inferno Towers (defense). TH10 no longer has new troops or spells to make it interesting.

Nexting Cost Reduced for TH10

The nexting cost (currently 1000 gold) will be reduced for TH10.

Barracks Boost 1 Hour for 5 Gems

The barracks will be boosted 1 hour for 5 gems (instead of 2 hours for 10 gems). Now you won’t feel as bad to boost barracks to build a war army, only to waste the remainder of the boost when finished.

Accidental Troop Deployments

Have you accidentally deployed a troop because you slightly missed the “next” button? Supercell is adding a safety buffer a few pixels wide around the “next” button, so if you accidentally miss the button, it won’t accidentally deploy a troop.

23 Hour War Prep Day

The prep day has been reduced to 23 hours. This means the entire war process will take 1d 23h. Why is this?

Some clans want to declare war at an exact time (i.e. 10:00AM), every time. Now the Leader has an hour between the end of the previous war and the start of the next war.

Lost Internet Connection Grace Period

Your village will not be put into the search rotation until 5 minutes after going offline. This is to help people who lose their internet connection often. They have a few minutes to get their internet back so their village isn’t immediately demolished.

Healer Nerf

No more superqueen! Only 6 healers can stack now. This might still allow some minor superqueen action, but combined high-damage Teslas, Cannons, and Archer Towers will be able to nuke a 6-healer superqueen combo.


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